Redundancy and Redundancy Procedures

What are Redundancy and Redundancy Procedures?

Whether due to economic conditions or the need to resize your business, making redundancies of any size can be one of the most stressful times in running a successful business. Redundancy, particularly of long serving staff, is often the last thing that is considered but in many cases it is the only way in which complete failure can be avoided.

However, what might be considered a simple option can often turn out to be the most difficult and complex if correct procedures are not observed.

Employees within a business have statutory and legal rights which are protected by law. Failure to observe this complex minefield will often result in very expensive claims against the business.

How can Einon HR help?

At Einon HR we have many years of hands on, practical experience in both Redundancy and Company Restructuring. We can guide you through both the correct procedures as well as your legal requirements. Einon HR can also advise on alternative ways to avoid making redundancies.

While keeping the interest of the company as the principle objective, Einon HR also employs a sympathetic approach towards the employee in order to make sure that satisfactory conclusions are reached for both parties.

Before you make your first steps down this difficult path, contact Einon HR.