Employee Handbooks

What are Employee Handbooks?

Although it is not a legal requirement for companies to have an Employee Handbook, experience shows that companies who adopt this procedure are those who generally have a more a controlled environment and good staff relations. Evidence of a good Handbook also shows best practice within the business.

Information about employment rights can be outlined in the company handbook so that both employees and employer know where they stand. Company handbooks can bring real benefits to your organisation because they can help to improve communications, set out employment policies and help to recruit and induct staff.

How can Einon HR help?

No matter what size of Company, Einon HR can provide tailor made handbooks which may be specific to both your needs, type of industry or market sector.

Based on many years of experience we can give you sound advice on what makes a handbook that can be used in a practical way, particularly for new start-up companies.

If you already have an existing handbook, that has not been audited or updated for some time, Einon HR can do this for you to ensure that all policies are up to date and in line with current employment law.

So, whether you are thinking of a simple printed document or something that you can provide via your companies Intranet, contact Einon HR for a complete handbook service.