Appeals and Appeals Procedures

What are  Appeals and Appeals Procedures?

Often linked to a previous decision or judgement, the appeal and appeal process is often one of the most complex for businesses to successfully navigate. Like most procedures, unless they are conducted in a professional way and according to current employment law, they will often end up failing with either costs or compensation claimed against the company. An appeal process can also be complicated by the fact that Directors or Managers within the business are too close to the problem which can implicate their position and the decision making process.

Appeals can commonly result from :

  • Redundancy
  • Grievance
  • Disciplinary

How can Einon HR help?

At Einon HR, the majority of our work over the past 5 years, during the “Credit Crunch” period, has been taken up dealing with the difficult cases of Restructuring and Redundancy. Added to this there have also been an increasing number of Grievance and Disciplinary cases, the majority of which have resulted in appeals. Einon HR has a successful track record for the benefit of its customers.