HR Training & Training of Line Managers

What is HR Training and Training of Line Managers?

Good HR practice starts with established management structures and the understanding of good HR practice. Despite the intentions of Senior Management to try and create a good practice culture within the business, this may be lost when it dissipates through to the employees.
It is important that all managers within the business have a full understanding of the basic principles of good HR practice.

How can Einon HR help?

Before serious damage is done, it may be necessary to have your managers “on board” and fully trained in the correct HR procedures and up to date current employment law. At Einon HR, we can fully train those people within your organisation who have people reporting to them. We do not expect them to become HR experts but have a better understanding of the policies and consequences of their actions which will help reduce your liabilities and avoid bad practice.
Before you make your first steps down this difficult path, contact Einon HR.