Disciplinary Procedures & Dismissals

What are  Disciplinary Meetings, Procedures & Dismissals?

The need to take Disciplinary action can take many shapes and forms. Like many other areas of business, the employee has statutory rights and if contravened, this can cost the business. It is important that everyone involved with a disciplinary action knows what they doing, before any action is undertaken. The cost to the business resulting from an unfair dismissal can result in claims of over £80,000 to the business. Like redundancies and restructuring, there are correct procedures to observe. However, unlike redundancies, disciplinarys generally result from an issue or conflict where the root cause must be found before successful action can be taken.

How can Einon HR help:

Einon HR has many years of experience of handling complex Disciplinary procedures. We are able to take control of the procedure and investigate the claims prior to any action being taken. It is important not to short cut or take unnecessary risks where such an important decision, which may result in dismissal, has to be taken.